Laser Projection at Cinemaworld

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Cinemaworld's West Melbourne 16 is one of the first theaters in the county, and the first in Brevard to feature a full installation of Christie's cutting edge, top of the line RGB Laser Projectors. Using three lasers to power every projector means you'll experience the best that projectors have to give.

Christie RGB pure laser projectors with RealLaser illumination technology are built to reproduce images which outperform the extremely rigid DCI requirements of cinema. Christie RealLaser illumination technology is capable of very high brightness coupled with expanded color gamut and ultra-high contrast.

Unmatched Cinematic Performance

The Christie® pure laser cinema projector brings a premium movie-going experience to Cinemaworld's theaters. Featuring CineLifeTM electronics amd RealLaserTM illumination, this projector excels in image quality, impressing audiences with incredibly colorful, and detailed images.

RealLaser. Real Smart.

What set Christie RealLaser apart? Christie has taken everything they know from being the preeminent manufacturer of RGB pure laser projectors and coupled it with the latest innovations in laser devices. The result is an incredible light source that drastically outperforms any other cinema illumination platform, bringing the art of exhibition to the next level of reality