Accessibility at The Majestic 11, Vero Beach

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All of The Majestic 11's screens are designed to assist moviegoers with hearing and vision impairments. We offer devices to enhance and amplify audio, provide closed captioning, or provide narration of the action on screen. In addition, The Majestic 11's theatres all offer wheelchair seating. Our goal is to make all of our films enjoyable for everyone.

Closed Caption

Closed captioning displays the audio portion of a movie as text on an accompanying device, providing entertainment and information for individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Simply secure the device in your cup holder and adjust the flexible arm to the right angle. Once your movie begins, the device will present all the dialogue in text on your screen. Ask at Guest Services for a Closed Captioning device.

Open Caption

Open Captioning is a text display of all of the words and sounds heard during a movie - very similar to closed captioning on your TV. Whether you just miss a single word or you have hearing loss too severe to benefit from the use of assistive listening devices, open captioning can keep you from missing out. Ask at Guest Services for upcoming Open Caption showtimes.

Assistive Listening

Assistive Listening Devices amplify and clarify sound by cutting down or eliminating ambient noise. Assistive Listening Systems are installed in all of our theaters. Ask at Guest Services for your Assistive Listening Device.

Audio Description

The Majestic 11 is pleased to offer audio description services to help its blind and low-vision guests enjoy the movies. Audio description, sometimes called descriptive narration, provides guests with a verbal narration of key visual aspects of movies through a wireless receiver and headphones. Ask at Guest Services for a Audio Description device.

Wheelchair & Companion Seating

All screens offer wheelchair spaces with companion seating.