'Coriolanus - Stratford Festival' at The Majestic 11


Staged at the Stratford Festival and named on many 2018 year-end critics 'best of lists, the Stratford Festival's 'riveting' and 'exhilarating' (The New York Times) production of Shakespeare's Coriolanus, has been called 'the show of the decade... a landmark production for the Stratford Festival. Maybe for William Shakespeare, too' (The Globe and Mail), and 'the greatest contemporary staging of this play that I have ever seen' (Chicago Tribune).

The production is directed by genre-defying theatre artist Robert Lepage and stars Andre Sills, 'a magnetic and imposing actor' (The New York Times), with a stellar cast delivering 'performances that send shivers down the spine' (The Globe and Mail). Lepage takes the story of the rise and fall of a legendary general who must face off against the angry Roman mob and infuses it with the energy of Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring.

'By resetting dialogue-heavy scenes as talk radio gabfests, and representing the uninformed mob as anonymous voices on social media, Robert Lepage helps clarify Shakespeare's portrait of a world, like ours, overwhelmed with insincerity' (The New York Times). He 'wrangles a difficult play into a heart-stopping narrative' (Chicago Tribune), 'rendering a clear and cinematic version that's riveting, invigorating and smart' (The Globe and Mail). 'Rarely has Lepage's reputation as a cinematic theatremaker been more earned' (Toronto Star).


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