Classic Concessions & So Much More

The Cure for Common Concession

Everyone should be able to enjoy a magical trip to the movies and we're making sure that the snacking is part of the experience.

The Majestic 7's new "WORLDSFARE" concession concept means more than just popcorn and candy. In addition to those classic favorites, we've expanded the definition of theater concessions and added new menu items and treats to satisfy every craving.


What is The Majestic 7's WORLDSFARE?

WORLDSFARE is the cure for the common concession line. We've added a variety of items that will suit many dietary and health needs. You can now find low-carb, gluten free, organic and vegetarian friendly options as part of our standard selection, and feel better about making healthier choices while you enjoy the magic of the movies. Our new options are perfect for those seeking healthier alternatives, sharing with a date or a friend, or having a meal during a movie marathon.

Our new grab-and-go section makes it easier for your family to get what they want and move through the line quickly. Need more than a snack? Check out our hot bar, featuring Sliders, Pizza, Wings, Loaded Fries and more! Everything is cooked to order for maximum freshness and flavor.

Bigger Selection & Lower Prices

We've teamed up with some of the biggest names in the snack business to bring you even broader selection of snacks at more affordable prices. Choose from our selection of brand names like Doritos, Taco Bell, Cheetos, and Nabisco snacks. Looking for something healthier? We've got you covered with options from Bare Chips and Rhythm Superfoods. Don't forget to look for special deals exclusively on our newsletter and social media.

Brewing Freshly Ground STARBUCKS Coffee

We are proud to feature Starbucks and Teavana products! Cool down with a refreshing iced coffee, or warm up with a hot cup made from freshly ground beans or Teavana Tea, available at our self-serve coffee station. We also have a variety of smoothies and ICEE options, as well as Ice Cream.

Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn

Our popcorn is entirely gluten-free as well as being delicious! We've partnered with Orville Redenbacher's to use the best popcorn seed in the business. The perfect amount of seasoning comes from the Flavacol brand popcorn seasoning that is added to every fresh batch. Instead of using a heavy butter-based oil, we've elected to use coconut oil that is self-serve to your individual preference. Popcorn is one of the most fundamental parts of your movie-going experience and we want to ensure that it is something you'll remember.