The CWFX Team

Making Your Moviegoing Magical

Going to the movies should inspire joy and our CWFX Team brings movie magic off the screen and into our theaters.

Whether it's creating a life-size dragon that transports your family back 65 million years or bringing characters from beyond the stars to life, our CWFX Team is making moviegoing magical. Bringing years of combined fabrication, costuming and makeup experience together, the CWFX team brings movie-quality props and costumes to our guests. These up-close experiences bring magical memories for adults and children alike.


Join the Story with the Help of CWFX

Ever walk into a movie theater lobby and heroes ask you to join the Avengers Initiative? Or share a bit of popcorn with Princesses? Our CWFX team wants to bring the world of the biggest blockbusters to our theater for your viewing pleasure. Join us during the premiere weekends the latest blockbuster hits in order to spend time, take pictures, and interact with your favorite characters. The CWFX also works to bring the environment of these films straight to our lobby with elaborate displays and backdrops that will transport you straight into your favorite stories! You and your family will have a whole world right in our theater lobby and our CWFX can't wait to transport you there.

Some of Our Most Recent Projects

Be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram for updates on your favorite character's schedule for the weekend. And with the help of our CW Employees, you and your family might even end up on our pages, showcasing your best superhero poses and princess waves.