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Have you ever dreamed of a VIP private screening for you and those you love? Enjoy a safe, private movie experience at an affordable price at CWTheaters!


Book the Room at CWTheaters Lincoln Mall 16

Experience the ultimate private entertainment at CWTheaters Lincoln Mall 16 with our exclusive BOOK THE ROOM promotion! Step into a world of cinematic bliss or gaming excitement as you indulge in the luxury of booking an entire theater just for you and your loved ones. This extraordinary offer allows you to immerse yourself in movies or gaming sessions like never before.

For just $450, accommodate up to 25 people after 3:00 pm on weekdays. Need a bigger gathering? Our Thursday evenings are perfect for larger groups of up to 50 people for only $750 after 5:00 pm. And for every additional guest, the cost is a mere $12, making it a cost-effective option for unforgettable memories. Treat yourself to the ultimate personalized entertainment experience with BOOK THE ROOM at CWTheaters Lincoln Mall 16.

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