Enroll in Vero Beach's Most Rewarding Program

Earn free popcorn, movies, and great discounts at the concession stand with your CW clubCARD!

The Majestic 11 clubCARD rewards you for every other ticket you buy with great discounts at the concession stand and even free popcorn and movies! Simply present your clubCARD at the box office when you purchase your ticket, and you are on your way to savings! It's our way of saying "Thanks for Choosing The Majestic 11!"


Cinemaworld clubCARD Lookup

Enter your clubCARD or Movie Club card number in the field below.

How do I apply?

To apply for your free card, simply fill out the brochure located in our theater lobby. You'll even get credit for the movie you see on that day!

How much does Movie Club membership cost?

CWTheaters' Movie Club is completely, absolutely free. It's our way of saying 'Thank you for choosing CWTheaters.'

How many movies can I get credit for per visit?

You can earn up to two credits per visit, allowing for one discount or incentive per day.

Is there a list of prizes or discounts that I can see?

CWTheaters' Movie Club program distributes prizes at random with every other ticket purchased (maximum of one prize per visit). As such, there is no 'list' available, and specific prizes may vary at times. Guests will receive a free pass every ten 'credits,' with additional concession prizes and discounts earned every other credit.

Which films can I see with my Movie Club free pass?

Free Movie passes are not valid for films listed as "Special Engagement". Special engagement films are denoted with an asterisk on our web site and on our theater's marquee. Generally, all new films are special engagements for the first two weeks of their release. After that, Movie Club passes are accepted. For 3D films, the 3D surcharge would still apply. Movie Club passes are not valid for special events.

How often do you send out a newsletter?

New Movie Club members are automatically enrolled to receive our weekly email newsletter. Our newsletter is emailed on Thursdays. If you would rather not receive the newsletter, simply leave the email section on your Movie Club application blank. You can also opt out any time by clicking the Opt Out link at the bottom of any newsletter.

Why don't I get a coupon any more at the box office?

We've recently upgraded our software, in an effort to offer even better perks to our Movie Club members in the future. All Movie Club coupons and passes are now stored on your Movie Club card, so you don't have to keep track of those paper coupons. Any cashier, concessionist, or Guest Service attendant can let you know if you have any incentives on your card. To receive your discounts, simply present your card at the box office or concession stand before placing your order.

Did you change your prizes when you upgraded?

No. The prizes are identical to the old system. Our new system, however, allows us even more flexibility to offer more Movie Club perks.

What about my old prizes that I have coupons for?

Older paper prizes are still perfectly valid. Please feel free to use them.

What are the terms and conditions?

Due to contractual obligations, any free passes issued under the Movie Club program are subject to 'Special Engagement' restrictions. Movie Club passes are not valid for special events. 3D features require an additional surcharge. Movie Club cards will not be replaced if lost, stolen, or used without your permission. Movie Club passes, discounts, and free items have no cash value. Discounts may not be combined. CWTheaters reserves the right to change or discontinue the Movie Club program at any time.