Craft Beer & Full Bar

Please Enjoy & Drink Responsibly

Enjoy ice cold beer, frozen drinks, wine and classic cocktails at CWTheaters' Full Bar

With a wide range of selections from nationwide favorites to local craft beers and cocktails, we have a little something for everyone at our new Full Bar. Available during evening hours and on weekends, stop in and add an adult drink to your favorite concessions.


Rotating Draft Beer Selection

At CWTheaters West Melbourne 15, we believe that there should always be a reason to try something new at the theaters. We are always looking to expand our palette and provide fresh new tastes. That's why we continuously rotate our draft beer selection. Every film requires a different experience of the senses, so why not add taste to that test and try a different Draft Beer during your visit?

Wine & Hard Beverages

If you're looking for any classics, we have them all here. We offer individual wine servings that are perfect for any movie. Maybe you're looking for a nice red to match the darker dramas bound for the Oscars or a white to sip on during your favorite comedies, we've got you covered. We also offer a wide range of liquor for mixed drinks with soda or juices at your request.

CW Signature Cocktails

Our CWTheaters Bartenders work diligently to create unique CW Signature Cocktails for our guests. Each concoction is crafted with the perfect blend of flavors, creating an astounding addition to any of our concession items. We proudly feature themed specials, crafted to complement the premieres of the most anticipated movie releases.