Big Screen Gaming

at CWTheaters West Melbourne 15

See your favorite games on the big screen with multiplayer tournaments, live eSports, and more!

That's right! CWTheaters' giant movies screens aren't exclusively for films anymore! See your favorite games on the big screen with multiplayer tournaments, live Esports on the big screen and more!


Big Games on the Big Screens

CWTheaters recognizes that gaming has evolved far past the days of taking a roll of quarters to the local arcade and taking turns trying to get the highest score in Pac-Man. Modern-day Video Games are filled with intricate details from amazing artists, and some of the most emotional and thought-provoking stories ever told, not unlike the films that we show every day and night at the theater. So, we've decided to dedicate our screens to some of the most competitive and well-crafted pieces of media available to us by allowing a multitude of video games to be played on the big screen. Whether you want to follow the journey of your favorite game from start to end, live eSports, or participate in tournaments yourself, CWTheaters West Melbourne 15 has the latest technology to bring your favorite moments from PC, XBOX, Nintendo, or Playstation to life on the biggest screens.

Multiplayer Tournaments

Sign up to participate in our local multiplayer tournaments in a variety of gaming genres. Much like the films that we show, we know that all of our guests have a variety of gaming preferences, and video games are no different. We will be hosting a variety of tournaments from Mario Kart, NBA 2K, Rocket League, Call of Duty, and more! Enter and win for your chance at exclusive prizes provided by CWTheaters West Melbourne 15.