Conduct Policy for Cinemaworld Lincoln Mall 16

conduct policy

In order to provide a pleasant, safe and enjoyable experience for all guests, as a visitor to Cinemaworld Theatres please be courteous of those around you and refrain from dangerous or disruptive behaviors, including but not limited to the following:

  • Disruptive or disorderly conduct
  • Violence, intimidation, or physically threatening behavior to our staff or other guests
  • Unlawful conduct or activity
  • Offensive, inappropriate or threatening language, gestures, attire, costumes, accessories or items
  • Open containers of any alcoholic beverage except in areas specifically designated for the consumption of alcohol
  • Illegal drug use
  • Smoking, including e-cigarettes
  • Loitering, lingering, delaying, or blocking doors and fire exits
  • Defacing, damaging, or destroying any property belonging to Cinemaworld Theatres or any of its employees
  • Picketing, distributing handbills, soliciting or petitioning
  • Phone calls, texting, emailing or using social media during the film
  • Photographing, videotaping, or otherwise recording the film
  • Using any devices that emit distracting light or sound that may disrupt the presentation
  • Bringing in outside food or drink

Be respectful of other guests seated near you in the theater.

Please keep your shoes on, keep your feet on the floor, keep conversations during the film to a minimum, and remove yourself from the theater if you must answer a call/text during the movie. Please help us keep the theater clean by taking your trash with you when you go.

If you experience any issues while viewing your film, please speak with a staff member. We will do our best to minimize the disruption and may ask guests to leave if they are uncooperative or continue to disturb other moviegoers.

Cinemaworld Theatres are private property.

If you fail or refuse to follow this Code of Conduct, you will be asked to leave the theatre, and may be banned from all Cinemaworld Theatres. If you fail or refuse to leave when requested to do so, you may be arrested and prosecuted for criminal trespassing.

Refunds will not be issued if you are asked to leave due to a violation of the Code of Conduct.