Wrath of Man

The plot follows H, a cold and mysterious character working at a cash truck company responsible for moving hundreds of millions of dollars around Los Angeles each week.


2h 0m

Opens May 13th  After taking the dreaded gangster Gani Bhai, ACP Rajveer Shikawat aka Radhe goes on a manhunt to find the wealthiest man of the town secretly running a crime syndicate. Buy tickets now!

1h 55m

Opens May 14th  A teenager becomes a major competitor in the world of drift racing after moving in with his father in Tokyo to avoid a jail sentence in America. Buy tickets now!

2h 0m

Opens May 15th  LIMITED SPACE! Hit the road with the definitive version of Mario Kart back on the Big Screen at The Majestic 11! Bring your own controllers, and play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Switch! Buy tickets now!

1h 55m

Opens May 16th  An American agent, under false suspicion of disloyalty, must discover and expose the real spy without the help of his organization. Buy tickets now!

Opens May 21st  Brian O'Conner, back working for the FBI in Los Angeles, teams up with Dominic Toretto to bring down a heroin importer by infiltrating his operation.

1h 40m

Opens May 23th  In a small woodsy Oregon town, a group of friends -sensitive Gordie, tough guy Chris, flamboyant Teddy, and scaredy-cat Vern - are in search of a missing teenager's body. Buy tickets now!

Opens May 28th  Dominic Toretto and his crew of street racers plan a massive heist to buy their freedom while in the sights of a powerful Brazilian drug lord and a dangerous federal agent.

Opens June 4th  Agent Hobbs enlists the aid of Dom and team to help bring a rival gang, led by Owen Shaw, to justice. In exchange for clear records, they must put an end to their schemes, no matter how personal the cost.

2h 16m

Opens June 6th  Competition between the maid of honor and a bridesmaid, over who is the bride's best friend, threatens to upend the life of an out-of-work pastry chef. Buy tickets now!

Opens June 11th  The Trolls discover that they are but one of six different Troll tribes scattered over six different lands devoted to six different kinds of music their world is about to get a lot bigger and a whole lot louder.

Opens June 11th  Deckard Shaw seeks revenge against Dominic Toretto and his family for his comatose brother.

3h 5m

Opens June 13th  Can this disheveled, cockney flower girl find her voice and blossom into a proper lady presentable in high society? Performance, style and sweet spirit plus an unforgettable score have made My Fair Lady one of the greatest musicals in film history. Buy tickets now!

2h 5m

Opens June 13th  A young girl is drawn into a mystery involving sealife around the world, in which two mysterious boys are somehow involved. Buy tickets now!

1h 35m

Opens June 17th  On the run from the law, a young man searching for his father forces his way into the life of a secluded old man in the woods. The event features a conversation about Fatherhood with director/star Jason Mac and Pastor Brannon Shortt from Bayside Church. Buy tickets now!

Opens June 18th  When a mysterious woman seduces Dom into the world of crime and a betrayal of those closest to him, the crew face trials that will test them as never before.

Opens June 18th  A suit-wearing briefcase-carrying baby pairs up with his seven-year old brother to stop the dastardly plot of the CEO of Puppy Co.

Opens June 22th  In times of war, the most endangered species was the man. Under the Nazis' noses, about 300 people, mainly Jews, found shelter at the Warsaw Zoo during the Second World War.

Opens June 25th   Spider-Man crosses parallel dimensions and teams up with the Spider-Men of those dimensions to stop a threat to all reality.

2h 5m

Opens June 27th  Make The Birdcage part of your Pride Month celebration with this special anniversary event that includes exclusive insights from Turner Classic Movies. Buy tickets now!